Grow Your Office Along With Your Business

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As your business continues to grow and evolve, shouldn't your office space change along with it? Own an office that creates excitement, focus and collaboration. Break free from the cookie-cutter mold, and design new office additions with the help of Skyline Construction, Inc. in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and all Northeast FL and Southern GA areas..

We specialize in unique office spaces that are specifically for your business, not for everybody else's. Call 904-575-2351 today for office addition services in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and all Northeast FL and Southern GA areas.

What should you consider when planning your office addition?

What should you consider when planning your office addition?

You're putting valuable time and assets into this construction, so it pays to consider every angle of your design. Consider these tips to help you get started:

  • Use real-world experience- an outside architect doesn't know your business nearly as much as you do. Think about what your employees need and how they work every day, and design an addition that helps them succeed.
  • Strike a balance- open floorplans can be useful for some businesses but not for all. Combine both open and closed floor plans to create balance in your office.
  • Look to the future- an office addition is designed for both the present and future state of your business. Consider what your needs will be in the coming years and make sure you don't build yourself into a corner.

Skyline Construction will help you with every step of the process to ensure you get the finished product you've imagined. Contact us today to discuss your office additions in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, FL, or the Northeast FL and Southern GA area.